NCECA in Portland!

Welcome to Portland! NCECA begins today. I have attended a few of the conferences over the years, and am really excited to be in the host city this year. I'm also delighted to be participating a a few great events and shows this week. 

Tuesday night there is a very special dinner at Castagna featuring two of Portland's finest chefs, Justin Woodward of Castagna and Ryan Roadhouse of Nodoguro. There will be 15 courses offered on handmade ceramics by 3 potters, Lindsay Oesterritter, Careen Stoll, and myself. 

Canoe, a gorgeous design shop in Portland, located behind the Portland Art Museum, is showcasing the work I've been doing with restaurants over the past 6 years. Canoe has carried my work since I moved here from Los Angeles in 2008. The work in this show is usually only available in my studio or to be experienced in the restaurants I work with, so this is a special opportunity to have it out in the public.

The show will be up during NCECA Tuesday 3/21 - Saturday 3/25.
The reception is Thursday 3/23 6-8pm.
1233 SW 10th Ave
Portland, OR 97205

You can also find a really nice selection of my work in the Eutectic Gallery booth at the conference. There are about 11 artists featured in the booth, and such an incredible variety of work from some of my favorite artists! Don't miss it!
Eutectic Gallery also has an amazing show up right now called Duet. It features collaborative figurative work by Christine Golden and Doug Jeck. It one of the best things I've seen in a while!

And finally, on Friday I've been invited to be a guest on the Collector's tour. Whitney Lowe is another guest artist that I'm excited to spend the day with. He has a show at Froelick Gallery right now. The day ends with the Collector's Dinner at Castagna, again with this incredible food served on my tableware. It is always a strange thrill to be served something in a restaurant on a dish that I made and to watch others enjoy it too. You don't often get to see your work out in the world having a life of it's own.

Enjoy the conference everyone! I hope to see some friends and meet some new people this week!